Fall Fashion Trend: Black and Gold


The summer trend of black and white is easing on into the fall trend of black and gold, much to my delight. Black is delightfully versatile, and on a personal level, it makes me happy because it’s slimming, doesn’t show stains, offers up a certain powerful aesthetic, and it’s way easier on the eyes than, say, the recently-departed neon trend. Gold pairs with black well to raise it up into the luxe category. Black on it’s own is uncompromising, unapologetic, and all-around badass. Black and gold, on the other hand, adds a suggestion of decadence and glamour on a major scale.

My own fashion quirks aside, let’s focus on the different ways you can take the gold-and-all-black-errything look.

  • Rocker: an iconic way to wear black for those who like a bit of an edge. Go for a leather jacket (gold hardware optional), smokey eyes, tousled hair, kick-ass boots of the stiletto or biker variety, and a devil-may-care attitude.
  • Decadent and debauched: think rich and spoiled on the French Rivera. Lots of gold accents, luscious patterns, and intense textures. Very Italian. Very privileged. Bonus points if you have your Bentley and private jet redecorated to match.
  • Sinister schoolgirl: if Wednesday Addams were a fashion-conscious teen planning her wardrobe, she’d be all over this look. More recently, we saw an iteration of this on Letha Godfrey in season 1, episode 9 of Hemlock Grove. Skip the Addams braids and go with wavy locks for a more adult feel.
  • Assassin Chic: another way to sport a leather jacket, if you’re in favor of more sleek lines. Opposite of the Decadent and Debauched style, this one requires perhaps the least gold. The goal is to look like you prefer your stilettos up your sleeves, rather than on your feet.

Here’s a selection of clothes and accessories to help inspire you to find your brand of black and gold:

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About Katarina Hunt

Community manager by day, cat wrangler by night. INTJ. Avid horseback rider, archer, writer, photographer, and wife. Blogger of things at Dilettante Deconstructed.


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